El Sallab Group Today

Competition in any industry in today’s business world is fierce, and the pace of innovation is rapid. Any company wishing to remain as market leaders must have management that believes in innovation and progress, and not only keeps up with the competition but also outpaces it, setting new trends that then become industry standards. El Sallab Group continues to lead the ceramics trade industry by remaining on the same path laid down by the founder Mr. Mostafa El Sallab. Continuous innovation, a focus on customer satisfaction, and unique product offerings are the keystones that enable El Sallab Group to maintain its market lead against competitors. During 2014, the group launched new room tiling design software that is the first of its kind in Egypt, enabling customers to realize their dream by allowing them to create their own designs and see it before actually buying the product. The group also introduced a new panel display system that was custom-designed in Spain for El Sallab’s specific requirements. The new system makes browsing through tiles a simple and pleasurable experience, a necessity given the huge number of brands in El Sallab’s constantly expanding portfolio. Over 30 brands are currently in the group’s portfolio, and the addition of high-end brands such as “Versace” and “Valentino” are evidence of the trust that the El Sallab name carries worldwide. El Sallab Group also believes that its employees are the most crucial factor in maintaining its market leadership. The group heavily invests in staff training programs in various areas such as customer service, visual merchandizing, interior design trends, customer satisfaction, and technical knowledge. The senior management personally oversees the implementation of these training programs and even lead some of the sessions and are also involved in the recruitment process in order to ensure that the highest-level staff join the group. Some of the human resources decisions that the management has made include hiring interior designers to help showroom customers in their decisions and creating a specialized procurement team tasked with tracking the latest innovations in the ceramic tile and sanitary-ware industry worldwide and bringing them into Egypt. El Sallab Group remains committed to offering its customers the finest shopping experience and the most exquisite products available in the industry. Since it was founded by Mr. Mostafa El Sallab, the group has focused on innovation and impeccable customer service to lead the ceramics trade market, and the current management remains firmly on the path set out by the founder, Mr. Mostafa El Sallab. Under the leadership of Mr. Mohamed El Sallab and Eng. Hossam El Sallab, El Sallab Group continues to shape the modern ceramic tile and sanitary-ware trade in Egypt.