El Sallab Group began operations in 1912, and with over 100 years of experience in the market are market leaders in the ceramics tile trade. The group first became a household name during the mid-80s when Mr. Mostafa El Sallab revolutionized the entire industry with his ideas and vision.

Renowned as one of the leading figures in the Egyptian ceramics industry, Mr. Mostafa El Sallab was a visionary trend-setter for ceramics trading in Egypt. He completely revolutionized ceramics trading standards, creating mega-showrooms to replace the underdeveloped kiosk systems that were typical of ceramics traders at the time. The mega-showrooms concept rapidly gained popularity, and is now replicated by all major ceramics' traders in the region.

Alongside his unique vision for showcasing ceramics, Mostafa El Sallab also led a ceramics manufacturing revolution. Foreseeing the trends that would develop due to evolving customer needs, Mr.Mostafa El Sallab recognized that development was required in the ceramics manufacturing industry, in particular realizing that advancements in quality, innovation and variety were necessary, and so began manufacturing his own ceramics products that would both enhance the local and regional products available in the market and that would also be able to compete on the global market.

Today, El Sallab Group continues to lead the ceramics trade market under the leadership of Mr. Mohamed El Sallab, Chairman of El Sallab Group, and Eng. Hossam El Sallab, Vice Chairman. The group’s history of being trend-setters persists, and El Sallab group continues to introduce innovations that benefit the entire ceramic trade industry.